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Our Story

Since opening our doors in 2008, we are lucky to have grown into a community alongside our team, our purveyors, and our guests. We are grateful to have not only become a mainstay Winnipeg restaurant, but also a family within these walls.


We do think it’s time we came clean on something…When we first opened our doors on June 21, 2008 we did so with honesty and humility. Our menus were small, and great care went into the preparation of each ingredient and item. We admit, we did make a few mistakes; not least of which was pistacititos. Pistacititos was a spelling mistake on our very first menu that was quickly hidden with our explanation that “pistacititos” are in fact Sicilian pistachios. This is not correct and our sincerest apologies to everyone who tried to explain pistacititos to their neighborhood grocery clerk.


Since then, we have upped our proof reading and continue to source the best possible ingredients to prepare the best possible food. Our spirit continues to be rooted in Italian tradition and emulates Bobby’s family dinner table; loud, fun, often educational, and always accepting. We continue to honor true Italian cooking and tradition while integrating local ingredients and innovative food and drink mixing techniques. Since the days of pistachititos, our offerings have expanded and our room has changed, but our commitment to you, our guests, has not.


Our team is committed to making your experience truly memorable. We want you to be regulars, to share your stories with us, and in turn maybe hear a few of ours. The most important thing for us is that with every visit you walk away with a great experience from beginning to end.


Our Team

Owner & President

Bobby is the managing partner of Academy Hospitality.  With over 13 years experience as an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry, Bobby opened Pizzeria Gusto alongside his father, Don Mottola, in June of 2008. Pizzeria Gusto instantly gained a reputation as being one of Winnipeg’s most notable and successful restaurants and has grown to be a meeting place for friends, family, and colleagues.  On a daily basis, Bobby ensures that his vision for the restaurant is executed through his team as they work together and meticulously focus on bringing an authentic and memorable experience for each guest.

Chief Financial Officer

As one of the co-founders (and proud father!) of Pizzeria Gusto, Don has been actively involved in its operation since its inception.  After spending 30 years in sales and marketing within the garment industry, Don took on a new career path and focused his expertise on the insurance business while partnering with Bobby in his first hospitality venture.  Soon after its success, Don shifted his focus to work with Bobby on a full-time basis, acting as CFO as well as collaborating on marketing strategies for the group.

Director of Operations

Suzy began with Bobby and Don in 2008 to help open Pizzeria Gusto.  She spent many years managing and growing Pizzeria Gusto and has now become the Director of Operations for Academy Hospitality.

Executive Chef

Jesse is the Executive Chef of Academy Hospitality.  With over 10 years of experience before joining the team in 2016, Jesse worked in a number of prestigious restaurants and hotels and continues to be an active member of the CCFCC, Red River College Alumni, and holds the rank Maitre Rotisseur in the Winnipeg Chapter of Ies Chaine des Rotisseurs.  Jesse has competed in a number of International Culinary Championships such as the IKA Culinary Olympics (bringing home two bronze medals and three outstanding achievement awards) and Gold Medal Plates (being the first in the province to take home gold twice!).  Jesse continues to mentor and build a strong team of cooks that bring his vision and talent to life in the kitchen.

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